Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Katrina.

Salut! Voici une petite présentation de moi.


  1. Nice to meet you. See you later.


  2. Katrina

    I am so glad to exchange with american people especially american students because of our similar interests.

    To begin, I would say that you speak french fluently and it seems that you have created a good contact with french people to be in a such good level in french pronunciation.

    Paris is an amazing town and a wonderful place to live. I spent their 4 months last year and it was just perfect.
    It's really impressive that you are interrested in working in UNESCO so I hope that you'll find the job that you are searching for.

    Have a nice day and see you soon

  3. Hi katrina,

    Amazing the fact that you look forward to working in the UNESCO.
    Good luck with that.


  4. Hello

    Your french is really good.

    I think that working for the UNesco is a good thing - it is an interesting with specific values.

    Paris is a big city and i hope you will succeed in your job plans.


  5. Hi i am not living far from a UNESCO building in Geneva.
    It's a nice plan. I hope you will succeed in.

    See you

    kind rgds